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Youtube Channel set up like a Pro {Full Guide} 2021

YouTube Channel set up sounds simple, right? Yes definitely, it sounds easy but did you know everyone misses something important while creating a channel and then does not get view and eventually stops publishing on YouTube. I know few people who gave up when they did not have to if they picked up a right approach and guide.

I will guide you through each step to create your YouTube Professional Channel. Even if you have already made it do read it as a checklist. Without taking more time lets move down to the steps.

1. Create a Gmail Account

For setting up your YouTube channel, first you would need a Gmail account. Well, one of the easiest method is to create a Gmail account. But should you use personal Gmail account or have the account in the name of your channel? It does not matter which Gmail account you use as you can anyway change it later.

2. Create a Channel

Second step is you create your channel. Once you make a Gmail account or use existing, head to Login to the Gmail account you created and click on Create channel.

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If you already have a YouTube channel, then please switch to your Gmail account or else you might not see the option of create a channel. Once you click on Create a channel, you will see the below options.

Create Youtube Brand Channel

Select the one with Use a custom name. This will actually create a brand account which will help you add or manage users into your account. However, you can keep full owner access to your channel and provide manage level access to someone who knows or wants to manage your channel for regular optimisation.

What is the difference Between Personal YouTube Account and Brand Account?

YouTube personal account is owned by only one user, i.e. Only one ID can administer this (the Gmail ID which you used to create the channel). You can’t add new owners, managers or moderators.

YouTube Brand account is for Company or a team, i.e. several members can have access to one YouTube channel. It is easy to add new member in Brand account. Creators on YouTube uses Brand’s account. However, you can also later transfer your personal account into a Brand account.

3. Fill up all information

Once you create your channel, head to YouTube studio>customisation> basic info

Youtube channel information

Now start adding your basic information. Describe what the channel is all about. What value will you be providing to users who will watch your video? Be specific and add your content in the Channel description.

After filling up the channel description, head to the links section. This is important for you to be benefited. Add all of your social media links to increase your fan following on other channels too.

You can add up to 5 links in the channel Description.

4. Add your Email to YouTube Channel Set up

You can add an email for users to contact. If your content is impressive enough, you may be get collaboration offers by Brands you.

5. Add location and YouTube Channel set up Tags

This is something most New YouTubers misses adding to the channel. If you are in YouTube studio, then head to setting>channel. A channel without tags actually doesn’t allow YouTube algorithm to categories your channel. Try adding keywords tags to your channel. This will help YouTube suggest your videos to the targeted audience. The same goes with Video tags when you upload a video. So do not miss out the 500 tags.

How to add channel tags on Youtube
Example of Tags: Do add 500 tags to your channel

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How to Disable subscribers count on YouTube channel?

If you are new and do not want to show your subscribers count to your viewer, you can head to YouTube Studio>Settings>advanced setting >uncheck Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.

6. Add default description

Adding a default description will save your time. Add the links, which you keep adding to all videos. That can be your website link, social media links, etc. This will make sure you have those links in place every time you upload a view and you will not have to again copy paste the link. However, we would not recommend you to add default tags except your channel name for visibility on YouTube. Always add fresh tags on YouTube based on the video you upload. But always keep your Channel name in the tag.

7. Branding

Finally, add your branding logo and channel art. Head to YouTube studio>customisation>Branding. For logo It’s recommended to use a picture that’s at least 98 x 98 pixels and 4MB or less. Use a PNG image. For the best results on all devices, use YouTube channel cover image that’s at least 2048 x 1152 pixels and 6MB or less.

You can design the images using several free apps in the app store or go for Canva. Canva is best for making images you want, and it is easy to use. Other option for creating the beautiful images is PicsArt.

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Congratulations! You have now learned how to create a professional YouTube Channel. Create Your YouTube Channel Today and grow your channel.

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