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Top ways to Make money on YouTube in 2021

Competition is all around on YouTube, and content creators are moving to YouTube as they already have established audiences on other social channels. Today I’m going to tell you 8 ways to make money on YouTube that can maximise your profit.

I base everything I put in this blog out of practical experience, and many of you might not know these ways that can help you make money on YouTube.

You might not know this, but more than 1Billion videos are watched on YouTube per day. This is crazy, right? I know many YouTubers who are also struggling to get views and subscribers to earn from YouTube Adsense.

In the world which is going through a massive digital shift, every creator should know how to make money on YouTube.

I will cover each point in this blog, so don’t miss any. Making money through YouTube is not a one-day job, but a consistent effort you put into engaging your audience. There are YouTubers who earn in millions of dollar.

See below the list of highest paid YouTubers in the World. I am adding this list for you to know that creators are living their life with no 9 to 5 jobs. This will also motivate you as a content creator.

Which are the top 5 highest paid YouTubers in the world?

Users watch the videos of YouTube creators all over the world, despite of the viewers category and interest they might be interested in viewing the video of creator for one time and may love the content and become a fan forever. I covered the list of YouTubers mentioned below from all parts of the world and may be of different categories. I will not be covering about what the creators do, but will mention the category. The below earning data is as per socialblade.

1. Mr Beast

Est. Yearly Earnings: $31M

Lifetime Video Views: 10.6B

Subscribers: 61.6M

Category: Entertainment

2. Ryan’s World

Est. Yearly Earnings: $24.9M

Total Views: 5.9B

Subscribers: 18.4M

Category: Kids & Entertainment

3. Markiplier

Est Yearly Earnings: $9.6M

Lifetime Views: 15.9B

Subscribers: 29.1M

Category: Games

4. PewDiepie

Est Yearly Earnings: $7.9M

Lifetime Views: 27.2B

Subscribers: 110M

Category: Games

5. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

Est Yearly Earnings: $68M

Lifetime Views: 57.2B

Subscribers: 73.6M

Category: Kids

Being a creator on YouTube is easy if you have your plan in a place. If you are confident enough to be a YouTube creator, you can do it. Success is not a one-day job but requires patience, which most of us lose it if we gain fewer views. But my friend, let me tell you this: if you want success you will have to wait and keep up with your work.

Now let deep dive into ways to earn from YouTube, I will cover adsense as well here so that you know what all ways you have to make money on YouTube. Lets Begin.

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Ways to make money on YouTube in 2021

If you are a content creator and have crossed the basis requirement of monetising the video, then congratulations. However, I will cover the part with which you will not require any monetisation eligibility on YouTube. Below are the ways you can make money on YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

make money on Youtube, Youtube partner program

YouTube Partner Program: This is a common way YouTube Creators monetise their channel and make money on Youtube if they have a good number of audience watching their video. But did you know what all ways are there to earn from Youtube Partner Program? Let me cover this in Points

  • Advertising Revenue: This is the most common way to earn from YouTube in the YouTube Partner Program. It is usually display ads, overlay and videos ads that run on your Channel by Advertisers and YouTube pays you for displaying the ads on Your Video. But there are criteria, you would need 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours to monetise your channel.
  • Channel Membership: If you have a large audience, you can make use of membership program and get recurring monthly payments from your members in exchange of members only perks like customised badges, emoji and other goods. You should meet minimum requirement to be eligible for Channel membership feature. You should have over 1000 subscribers and channel is in YouTube Partner Program.
  • Superchats and Superstickers: It is another way to earn as a creator. You might have noticed this in live streams where viewers can purchase chat message that stand out for sometime for the streamer to check and revert.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: YouTube premium is another way in YPP to add a creamy layer to your earning. YouTube Premium is all about giving fans more choice. By focusing on what fans want, YouTube Premium plays an important role in expanding user engagement on YouTube and provide you with an additional way to get paid for the content you’re already creating. And while it’ll take time to build a significant membership base, the premium membership will keep growing and YouTube Premium will deliver more and more value to you.
  • Sell Your Own merchant: Being a content creator with a good amount of viewers, it’s very clear of you becoming an entrepreneur. You can source or create your own product to see out to your viewers. Most commonly creators use their own punch line T-shirts merchandise. You may also think of the same as something related to your own niche. YouTube allows you to display up to 12 products. Here the criteria to see your own merchandise is 10,000 subscribers.

Brand Collaboration

In the Era of internet marketing, if a creator has a good number of viewers, they can approach a brand for collaboration. However, if a creator is famous, Brands approach them for collaboration.

What is this Brand Collaboration?

In simple words, Brand collaboration is a marketing technique which brands uses to create awareness about its product for their target audience with the help of content creators. This also helps creators boosting their portfolio when pitching other brands for collaboration.

In today’s internet world, brand is almost updated with the creator’s content on brand’s niche. It’s quite possible to be contacted by brand if creator’s content engages a good number of viewers despite the number of subscribers.

How much does Brand Pays to the YouTube creators?

This question must have triggered in your mind when I talked about brand collaboration. Well, you can make your own rate card depending on what kind of content the brand wants from you. Brands usually are ok to pay between $500-$1000 until you are a celebrity. A celebrity cost can go up to $3000 per video or may be more than that.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate is another good way to make money on YouTube. It’s easy to join Amazon Affiliate program and requires no Approval. Best part is you can use Amazon affiliate link in your description and start making money from your affiliate link. If you haven’t started yet, I recommend reading my detailed blog to master Amazon Affiliate.

YouTube Partner Program 2 4cWPXAJzq

You can use Amazon Affiliate link on your YouTube Video description even if you do not have 1K subscribers or 4000 public watch hours.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a hot topic everywhere to make money online, You can easily earn commission if users buy from your link. It’s almost same like Amazon Affiliate. Just the difference is that Amazon pays less commission compared to other Affiliate network.

I am leaving below few affiliate websites where you can login and try getting your niche product.

Recommended Affiliate Program

You can earn good commission if you recommend Bluehost & IDPLR as it gives you commission for each successful signups.


You now know every way to earn money on YouTube. Now get going and start making money on YouTube. I kept this blog small and simple and covered only important things which you should know. In case you need more help, please connect with me on

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