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YouTube Video SEO: Keywords Research to boost your Organic views in 2021

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and you know and google no doubt ranks at the first place with a million of searches per minute. People want more information which they can see and hear. Hence, they turn up to YouTube. If you don’t know this, YouTube has over 5B+ searches per month. Well, that a lot of searches you can’t imagine how much views keywords can fetch you on YouTube if you use it the right way if you pick up the right YouTube Video SEO strategy.

Even when you type a keyword on google, you will see a YouTube video ranking on the first page. You can imagine how important it is to use the right keywords to make your video rank on the first page.

What is a Keyword?

Let me just give a simple definition for keyword: It is anything that is used as a word or phrases to search anything online.

What is a Video keyword Research?

It is a term/word or phrases that is used for searching video content on YouTube. There are many keywords searched for a single topic but in unique phrases or term. Discovering or finding those keywords is a keyword research.

Why is Keyword research important?

As you know, Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine/most visited platform in the world. So, searches happening on Youtube each minute, hours, day is incredible and if you have the right Keyword on your video, then have 90% of the chance to get views or even rank on YouTube for a specific Keyword.

How to find Youtube video Keywords?

There are several ways you can find youtube video keywords which i will be covering in this blog.

1. YouTube Search- Autocomplete

I am sure you much have noticed a drop from YouTube search when you search for your desired keyword and YouTube suggests you a list of keywords. These are basically called Autocomplete.

Screenshot 2021 03 04 at 1.53.38 AM

Did you wonder what are they suggested? Well, those are the most popular and mostly searched by users on YouTube. So, YouTube is actually telling you that these are the keywords that most users used to search on YouTube. This means that these autocomplete keywords make sense to use for optimising your YouTube videos.

Autocomplete keywords are usually long and perfect for using it in YouTube as video title and also in the description

2. Competitors Keyword

Use this research to see what competitors are using in their video. This will help you at least gain suggested views if your channel is new. However, If you use the same keyword as competition your views also be seen on the first page.

It important to search for competitors that have close to same subscribers as yours. When you find the competitor, go to their channel>videos and sort the videos with most popular videos.

Screenshot 2021 03 06 at 1.58.05 AM

I shortlisted this channel as it was ranking on the first page and also had less number of subscribers.

By analysing their most performing video title and description we can see that they are using keyword “Best Laptop” in the description and title. You can also see a few more competitors keyword to get an understanding of which keyword are they using.

Screenshot 2021 03 06 at 2.01.36 AM

Once you dig down the competitors title and description, you can look into the tags they are using.

3 Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is another good option, and it helps you easily check which keywords is being searched on Google, YouTube, Amazon, bing, etc. When you click on a video for which you want to check the keywords. It will scrap the keywords and show you in the right corner of YouTube video.

Screenshot 2021 03 06 at 2.04.07 PM

It also tells you trend data on specific queries. This also gives you a fair idea when to schedule the post around the keyword for fetching views and improve YouTube Video SEO.

Screenshot 2021 03 06 at 1.58.27 PM

4. VidIQ

VidIQ is one of the few tools available in the market that helps you do the keyword research and perhaps a very awesome tool to improve your YouTube Video SEO.

Vidiq is easy to use which doing a keyword research. You just need to add the query and it will provide you ideas of the list of keywords with search volume and even tell you the competition score that will help you in selecting the keyword for your video.

Youtube SEO

VidIQ also helps you build your YouTube channels by providing several features besides keyword research in the paid version. If you want to test VidIQ for a month, then you can go for the cracked version and can later pay.

You can also get free VidIQ chrome extension.


This Keyword tool also boost your keyword research for YouTube Video SEO. This is a paid tool but can anyway help you find the list of Keywords based on the queries you put into its search tool. You can also choose the location for the keyword you search. It also gives you search volume when you opt for the paid version.

Keyword tool for SEO

6. YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is free to use in the YouTube studio section by YouTube. If your YouTube channel is new and already gaining 500 views per month or more than that. Then it is perfect for fetching Keywords for Video SEO.

YouTube Analytics is a potential keyword research engine that user mainly utilises to search and find your video and engage with it.

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To check out the Youtube Search

You can see the YouTube source on the right corner.

Youtube traffic SEO

6. Google Search Engine Video Result Keyword

What is a Video result Keyword?

Google when displays video on its search engine for a specific keywords is called Video Result Keyword.

Ranking on YouTube makes sense for an organic view. But what if your Video appears on Google too? That will be awesome, isn’t it?

To make this possible, you will need to grab Video Result Keywords for perfect Video SEO.

Google doesn’t show video results for all the searched keywords but shows results to only certain keywords. So have you shortlisted those keywords?

Video results keyword

As I already told, you might not see videos for some keywords but if you see over one video on google for the keyword you searched, then you have found a Video Result Keyword for your Video SEO, Which means when you optimise a video around that keyword, you have a good chance to rank for the keyword.

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You have learned YouTube Keyword Research for optimising your Video SEO, Congratulations!

You now understand how to do keyword research for your YouTube video using various tools that are available online.

YouTube is one of the best platforms out of all social media marketing channels. Video makes up most Internet traffic, and YouTube is the king of video. Hence Keyword Research & Video SEO makes a brilliant combination.

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