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Top 7 Secrets to beat Facebook Algorithm (Improve engagement in 2021)

Have you ever wondered why some of your post’s reaches a good number of users and some don’t? Well, it is what driven by the algorithm. Before moving into the top 7 secrets to beat Facebook Algorithm to improving the Facebook Engagement let me give you a basic knowledge of Facebook Algorithm.

What is an Algorithm?

Let me give you a simple definition “An algorithm is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task”.

Similarly, Facebook Algorithm decides which post a user should see based on the instruction given by the user to the Facebook AI. To Understand basic of Facebook algorithm. We will divide Facebook algorithm into 4 terms.





Did you ever knew how Facebook defines your content comparing to other content and why you see the content which you like? Well, this is what algorithm this. Before we get deeper, let us explain to you the above 4 terms in Facebook algorithm.

  • Inventory: it is the total stock of content published on Facebook which is readily available to be displayed to the users on Facebook, but if Facebook displays all content to everyone, will it make sense? No right? Therefore, the next step is the signal.
beat facebook algorithm
  • Signals; It represents a good deal of information which Facebook can gather from the content published on Facebook. For eg, what type of content it is, how old it is, what users will interact and so on. So the content signals Facebook when the content is published. Once a user interacts with the content, they show it to more such users and keep going until it keeps getting an engagement. Like when you engage with memes or viral content, Facebook would rather show you that memes and viral content instead of people who like to see or watch dancing videos.
Facebook Algorithm
  • Prediction: it is when Facebook predicts how good is the content and if users will interact more with the content.
Facebook engagement rate
  • Scores: the score decides whether to show the content to more wide audience within the followers or also the one who is not following the page.
How does facebook calculate engagement

The above pointers are a basic overview of the algorithm that Facebook follows, and it keeps changing every year. The organic engagement from 2017 to 2020 has degraded at a fast rate on Facebook. In 2018 Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a post which said “we’ve received feedback from the community that public content i.e. posts from businesses, brands and media — are crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other. Thereafter, Facebook changed how you see ads and how you interact with business pages.

Now you might have noticed that you see more of your family, friends post more often instead of business page posts.

We have given you an overview on how Facebook Algorithm works and also told you about the recent changes made on Facebook.

As you know, the whole criteria of Increasing your page/post engagement revolves around reach. If your post is getting engagement, it shows to more people and hence gets more reach and provides value to your business page. Now let’s move forward to how can you improve your page Engagement in 2021.

7 Secrets to beat Facebook Algorithm to Improve your Page Engagement in 2021

1. Promote Your Content

This is a major miss what everyone does not consider as the part of their plan. It is important to boost your content to get more organic Facebook engagement. Let us take you through this:

According to, there are more than 2Billion Facebook users right now all over the world. And all are competing for attention on the Facebook.

Facebook Insights

And on the News Feed as I already mentioned above that Facebook prioritises friends and family posts instead of business post. Even if you have followers on your page, most users won’t see your post and hence it’s difficult to get good organic reach or engagement until users interacts with your posts.

You don’t need to go wild and invest all money in boosting your post. Just put $4-$6 boosting up the post.

You actually increase your organic reach and engagement by boosting the post by investing some dollars. Your boosted post might be loved so much that people also shares it, and your post might go viral as well.

However, if you have low followers on Facebook, you are going to have less reach and engagement even if you publish regular and great content.

Save your business from low engagement posts by fuelling Facebook algorithm with boosted post.

2. Post more of Native Videos:

Video is the most easy to consume content format. Publishing video content at the right time can help you gain 1.5x more organic reach compared to Facebook’s other post formats .

So create more of video content for Facebook that compels users to stop and engage with your content. Remember, 3-5 secs of the starting video is crucial to keep your audience and engage them with your content. Facebook’s Algorithm knows if your video needs organic push only if users are engaging with your content.

If You already publish Native Videos and want to measure the impact, then you should read Professional Guide to excel Facebook Creator Studio in 2021

3. Create & Publish Engaging content:

Publishing a lot of content which makes little sense to your audience is just a waste of time. We also seen this in most small size businesses.

Some business post irrelevant post that has nothing to do with their audience and actually no one sees it, instead of their own family or friends that follow them.

Remember, Facebook always prioritises post that sparks interactions and meaningful conversation with the audience

Be a conversation starter, try putting up great content that encourages users to start a conversation with your business.

Once you be consistent in engaging with your audience from the content you publish, you can then influence users to buy your product.

Use your content as a hook that pulls users to your page and keep them.

4. Be a conversation starter

Do you enjoy going out with friends or staying home and chilling?

Do you love iPhone or OnePlus?

Regardless of your answers to the above questions, the posts that start conversation will accumulate Organic reach and engagement.

Try putting up questions for your audience in the caption when you post a video or image on Facebook.

Logically, these questions are simple to be answered by the audience if added in the caption. They do not have to think much about the answer when you already provided the options.

Do not let go users without a response from your business. Remember, your response also adds up to page engagement.

Interact with audience on facebook

We hope you got the point here. You need to get people talking with your business.

Did you know you can respond to users’ comment from Facebook Creator Studio?

5. Don’t fish for engagement

Starting caption as ‘comment below’, ‘like, share the post’ stops your post from reaching wide users. This worked well like 5 years ago but now Facebook doesn’t prioritise posts that ask users to comment, like, etc.

This trick actually worked well before until Facebook realised when these types of fishing engagement flooded on Facebook. That’s when Facebook changed its algorithm.

So don’t hurt your reach by asking for engagement.

Instead, create content that doesn’t stop users from hitting like or share button on your post

6. Be consistent with your post

Facebook knows everything. It also knows if you are putting efforts in publishing content regularly on Facebook to keep up with your audiences.

How much engagement will you get if you don’t post at all?

None, Right?

Well, the same applies to your posting frequency.

Check when your Audience are online on Facebook and make use of it.

Best time to post on facebook

Analyse the data when most users are online on your page and schedule your posts accordingly.

Facebook global engagement rate
Source: Sproutsocial

You are likely to get more engagement by posting 5 times a week than you would if you publish only one post per week. So make sure you are posting consistently.

7. Post Native content to keep users on Facebook

What is Native content?

Native content is the content that is solely created for the platform it is consumed on.

Why would Facebook even show your content in users feed if you try to pull them off Facebook?

Facebook wants its users to spend more time on Facebook. This is what every service provider strives for. If you include links or direct users to YouTube, then you are killing your page engagement.

It is proven that native content performs best in Facebook Algorithm. Hence, keep the users on Facebook. Allow them to spend more time on the post you publish. This will definitely signal Facebook Algorithm and it will reach out to more of lookalike users who consumes same type of content to keep them more on Facebook.

We hope you get what we are trying to explain at the above point.

For example: If you have a video, upload it directly on Facebook instead of sharing Video links from YouTube or other platforms.

Similarly, if you have an article, put the crux of it in the caption.

Then split it in a series of posts that users on Facebook instead of the external website can view.

You must have noticed while watching videos on Facebook watch. All contents you watch has a lot of View counts. Even you can see how many users are currently watching the same video on Facebook. No doubt Videos are the main engagement weapon on Facebook until its engaging the audiences.

Doing this can help users stay on Facebook and also help you break Facebook Algorithm to get your page more engagement and reach.

Bonus tip: Videos perform better than any other type of media content on Facebook in terms of engagement.

Facebook watch

Facebook wants users to spend more time on their platform. Doing so will help them make money by pushing ads on the content you are consuming.


Congratulations! you have now learned how to improve Facebook engagement in 2021 and also learned about the Facebook Algorithm. You can surely implement this strategy on your Facebook and follow the steps. These Steps have worked for many businesses and individuals and am sure it will work for you as well.

Happy TechSurching!

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