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New Instagram insights explained with the right approach 2021

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform and ranks at 2 in app usage as per similarweb. With over 200M+ Instagram user base, it is important for creators or business owners to understand the Instagram Analytics.

If you yet don’t know what kind of audience views or interacts with your account, you are missing out on the main crux of your business.

There are almost 80% users who do not know what Instagram insights are. In this blog I will explain the new Instagram insights that will help you take the right decision to improve your business or creator profile.

Before I move on to Instagram insights explanation, let me take you through the basics. So do not miss out on any points as each point is important and can help you take the right approach.

What is Instagram Insights?

Instagram insights is a native analytic tool by Instagram that gives you an overview of your business or creator account. It shows you how your account or content is performing in terms of reach, engagement, followers. You can also view details about audience demographic, age and the time when most of your followers are active. You can access Instagram insights from your business or creator profile.

How to view Instagram Insights on Desktop?

We can also view Instagram insights on Facebook Creator studio and Facebook Business suite. To View the Instagram Insights you can head to creator studio tap on Instagram icon and go to Insights. Creator studio gives the same Insights as that on Instagram app. In case you know little about creator studio, you can look on the Professional guide to excel Facebook Creator Studio.

Instagram insights creator studio
Instagram Insights

Business suite provides a better Insights when you want to view Paid and organic Insights of Facebook and Instagram account. I use Business suite to learn about how my content is working and what changes do i have to make.

Facebook Business suite  insights
Business suite Insights

What is Professional Dashboard on Instagram?

Professional dashboard on Instagram is a curated insight and tools with resources that can help you plan and modify your Instagram account in a better way. You may view suggested new resources in the Professional dashboard which are curation of posts as guide to help you create more fans.

Instagram insights professional dashboard
Professional Dashboard on Instagram

As you now know the basics of viewing Instagram Insights, now lets move on to the explanation of Insights from the Instagram app. I will cover each insight to help you get a simple idea on how you can get the learnings and incorporated it to improve your Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights Dashboard

It’s important to know if you are doing well on Instagram by tracking the right matrics to know if every content you post is worth it. As per new update, we can track Insights from last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and previous month.

As you tap on Instagram Insights, it will take you to Insights overview, here you can find your profile insights overview along with the Insights of different content formats you published.

Insights overview instagram
Insights Overview

Understanding Account Reached in Instagram Insights

It’s important to know if you are doing well on Instagram by tracking the right matrics to know if every content you post is worth it. As per new update, we can track Insights from last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and previous month.

As you tap on Instagram Insights, it will take you to Insights overview, here you can find your profile insights overview along with the Insights of different content formats you published.

Instagram reach explained

Pro Tip: Observe which content format performed well in reaching non-followers and which type of content engaged users the most

Reach is one of the growth metrics for Instagram which you should track either weekly, biweekly or monthly to analyse your Instagram account health.

Content Interaction

This part of insights helps you understand how the users are interacting or engaging with the content. You will see the engagement bifurcation in these Insights.

Instagram content Interactions

We can see the following in the Interactions.

Post Interaction: This helps understand the engagement metrics of the posts published in the selected time period. This includes Likes, Shares and Saves.

Story Interactions: This metrics help us understand how well users are interacting with your story posts. This includes Replies and shares. In this Interaction, replies and shares will help you understand that is your story post working well.

IGTV Video Interaction: This metrics help us with the engagement on how well the users are interacting with IGTV Video. The likes, comments, shares and saves metrics can definitely give you an idea if you should post more of IGTV Video or should you go for new content approach.

Live Video Interaction: This is one of the Important matrics to consider if you are doing live videos. Live Interaction with audience helps your Instagram account to grow. Going live 3-4 times a week with regular posts can help you grow your fans.

Top Posts: This shows you the top post which is performing well in the selected time period. You can also choose from the metrics based on interactions and post formats. This metric will help you in analysing which content has worked well and can give you an idea on choosing the right post to promote to your audience.

Top Stories: Similar to top posts, top stories will allow you to analyse which story has got you most profile visits, emails, etc.

Top IGTV Videos: This Insight helps you analyse which IGTV video has performed great based on the metric as below

  • Average Percentage watched: Based on your video you will analyse the long format video which the users have watched. This metric can assist you with finding the content that can attract in an enormous crowd on IGTV. It is significant that this metric is just accessible for IGTV Videos.
  • Comments: Number of comments your post received. This can be a game changer for engaging your audience. You can analyse what led to most conversation in the posts/IGTV/Reels and create similar content across Instagram.
  • Reach: This Insight metric defines the number of unique users who have seen your posts/IGTV/ Reels/Live videos at least once.
  • Impressions: This insight tells about the number of times your post was seen in a selected time period. This is not a unique number, as one user can see your post several times. For e.g. You have published a post and I see it 3 times, so the impression will be 3 and reach will be 1.
  • Profile Visits: This metrics tells about the number of profile visits driven by a post in a selected time range.
  • Website Clicks: The number of times visitors have clicked the link to your website from your profile page.
  • Call/email clicks: the number of times visitors have clicked the call/email button from your profile page.

Instagram Audience Insights

When you want to attract users to follow you on Instagram, you should know who are you talking to. Audience Insights equally play an important role in understanding your audience and creating the type of content they like.. Recently with the Instagram Insight new interface, Instagram has placed the followers count in the audience.

Followers: You can select a time range which you want to analyse your followers count. We can select this metric time from last 7 days to previous month.

You can analyse :

  • Overall growth in followers in a selected time range.
  • The number of users followed you in a selected time range.
  • The number of users who unfollowed in a selected time range.
Instagram followers insights

Top Locations: This defines the location of the percentage of users who are following you on Instagram. You can also view the percentage of users who are following from a specific country or cities.

Instagram top location insights

Demographic Data: This insights data tells you about the Age and genders about your audience connected on Instagram. Even if you have less than 1000 followers, use these followers to drive more followers.

You should know what age group audience follows you on Instagram. This can help you in creating the content for a specific audience. Do consider the percentage count when creating content for specific age groups and genders. If you create the content keeping in this metric in mind, I’m sure you will see growth in your fans.

For example, as you can see below, 51.8% are users in the age group of 25-34 years while 29% is in the age group of 35-44 years. So we can consider this audience as the core audience. While 89% audience are female.

Audience Insights

Most Active Time: Do you post your content when it’s ready? Then you may not be doing justice to your Instagram account. You should consider this metric to know when your users are online. This metric gives you an idea on which day or time your users are usually online.

instagram most active time

I observed that if you publish half an hour before when most of the users are online, your post might perform better. For giving it a start you can try publishing content when most of the users are online.

Individual Post Analytics

Despite of Account analytics, you should also monitor Individual post metrics to see how your content is resonating with your audience. This is a helpful way to see that content piece if working well with your audience or not.

Below are the statistics available for the individual posts:

  • Interactions: These are action that were directly taken from the post you published. This includes profile visits, website clicks, call or email which are displayed in the individual post insights.
  • Discovery: This metric provides an overall information about the post performance which displays the distribution of post amount your fans and outside your fan base. This metric can also help you understand if your post has gone viral as it tells the percentage of users it reached weren’t following your Instagram account.
  • Follows: How many new followers you received from a post.
  • Reach: How many unique accounts the post reached.
  • Impressions: The total number of times your post was viewed. Instagram also breaks this down by category to see where on the platform the post was viewed à from home, from hashtags, from profile, from other.
  • Saves: The number of unique accounts that saved your post to their personal saved folder.
  • Comments: The number of comments on your post.

Instagram Story Insights

The last insights I would like to talk about are the Story insights. The snapchat like feature comes with a great opportunity to grow your Instagram account. If you are not using this feature, you must lose out potential reach and engagement.

Once your story has gained traction, here are the statistics you can track:

  • Impressions: The number of times your story has been viewed.
  • Reach: The number of unique accounts that viewed your story.
  • Exits: The number of times someone exited your story mid-way through.
  • Replies: The total number of replies to a video or picture on your story.
  • People insights: This will list the accounts that have seen a particular component of your story.

Final Thoughts

As you now know the Insights details, you can definitely analyse the posts and Instagram account to grow your Brand or creator account. Keep in mind these insights and incorporate the learnings in a strategy manner.

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