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Professional Guide to excel Facebook Creator Studio in 2021

Facebook creator studio was launched in 2018 with the purpose of allowing the Facebook creators to help them understand their audience insights better and manage their content. Its launch actually coincided with Facebook watch due to which few of the users were aware of this. As video continues to keep its power online content creators have time to earn more.

Facebook is providing tools like this to enhance the content creators like you to grow. If you are also a content creator and are only relying on YouTube videos, then you are definitely missing out on a chance to earn on Facebook. A survey by Forbes states that 47% of the consumers now watch videos on Facebook and now are a competitor to YouTube. Video content is now the most consumed content, and this is the reason Facebook with the start of Facebook Watch also started Facebook creator studio to help content creators like you make full use of Facebook.

What is Facebook Creator Studio

Basically, it is a content management tool that allows Publishers or creator to manage, track, monetise their content and grow on Facebook. Many of us as a creator or publisher might not even know what it can help us with. Earlier we could only see insights of Facebook on its app or page, but the creator studio is getting better day by day and always updating the tool, Facebook recently came up with the creator studio app which also displays highlights from the Insights.

Creator now does not have to search for free tools for Scheduling our Instagram or Facebook post as the schedule feature is also available.

The focus on Video actually differentiates Business suite from Facebook Creator studio. Business suite was formerly know as Facebook page manager. As the name suggests, Facebook Business suite is for Businesses and Facebook Creator studio is for Creators who are looking to monetise their content. However, combination of both in analysing the content and researching about your viewer can help both creators and Businesses.

Facebook Creator Studio

How to access Facebook Creator Studio

You can access the Creator studio on Desktop or Mobile app (Available for Android and iOS).

1. Either visiting

2. Visiting your Facebook home page via desktop and you can see creator studio tab in the sidebar.

What you should know about Facebook Creator Studio and How to use it?

Creator Studio is a powerful Facebook tool creator needs to publish, manage, monetise and measure content effectively across all Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. This also is useful for creators to stay updated with additional features and monetisation opportunities whenever it is available.

Below is the list of Creator studio Features you should know

Home Page

Home page on Creator studio mainly shows a small part of its available feature at one go. This page behaves like a dashboard for easily managing your content and has shortcuts for full view.

Creator studio facebook home page

However, you can see the following features on Home Page.

  • Home Page- Creator Studio
    • Easy to switch Page (s)
    • Easy to switch between Instagram and Facebook Account (s)
    • Create a post, add a story, upload a story or live streaming
    • Recent Posts
    • Insights- This displays the performance of your content from last 7 days
    • Able to check your notification

Best part is that if you have multiple pages, you will view top content from your pages by selecting multiple Facebook Page. Creator studio will show you Insights for all the pages that you Select. You can even “create collections” to view information about the pages in one dashboard, collections will help you keep all active pages at one place and you do not have to select the pages again and again.

Screenshot 2021 03 27 at 10.59.24 PM

The sidebar on the Home page helps you Navigate to creator studio features like

  • Sidebar Feature list
    • Content Library
    • Inbox
    • Monetisation
    • Creative Tools
    • Setting
    • Resources

Lets go deeper into the above features

Creating and Scheduling the Post

How do you create a post on Instagram desktop

While this feature is readily available on Facebook, Creator studio allows you to create, draft and schedule the post directly from the tool.

Screenshot 2021 03 28 at 2.18.58 AM

The “Create Post” on creator studio helps to use varieties of post adding option. Earlier with Facebook Manager you could earlier post content or schedule it. But as you can see here, you can even publish multiple videos, cross post it and best part is that you can also do a post test.

The Post Testing in Creator Studio lets you test 2-4 variations of a non-ad video post to see which one your audience likes most. During the test, the posts are circulated to your audience, but not posted to your Page. When the test ends, it automatically published the winning post on your Page.

However, if you switch to Instagram and create post you will see Instagram feed post and IGTV post.

Facebook Creator at the moment does not allow to post reels via creator studio. They may update the tool in the future, and you might schedule the reels as well.

Please note: The Testing post might not be available to you. This option is available to Facebook Partners.

Content Library

Content Library provides you a bunch of features ready in one dashboard. You can see the tabs in the content library as follows.

Posts- In this tab you will see the matrics related to your post. You can customise the dates to see relevant matrics, select the post type based on what you want to fetch from the published content, filter content based on your content title, description, etc. You can even see your scheduled posts.

The details shown in each post are as follows

  • Post Tab Features
    • Post Status
    • Date
    • Details
    • Impression
    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Link Clicks
    • Engagement
    • Distribution
    • 3 Seconds Video Views
    • 1 minute Video Views

In case you are not aware of these terms, you can hover over these terms in the column and get the overview of data which you are viewing.

Apart from the posts, you will find helpful tabs like cross posting, playlist, series option, Instant article and post timeline.

Content library facebook creator

Cross posting is a way to upload videos across multiple pages. You can share the same video without uploading it again to different pages in the business manager.

A series is a collection of episodes that are part of the same content set. To mark a video as an episode, add it to a series. Series have a set of features to help organize and showcase your episodes.

A Playlist is a feature that lets you organise your video into groups or with a theme.

An Instant Article is a native format which helps publishers or creators to create fast and interactive article on Facebook.

Post timeline displays all your posts that were published on Facebook and you can scroll to view the content.


Insights is a powerful tool that provides details about your page performance, your engaged audience data. In short, insights are important for improving your own online marketing effort from social Media Posts.

Insights of creator studio

You can have access to the following in the sidebar.

Overview: This Metrics shows data related to all your posts following a specific date range.

Audience: This Metrics gives you a detailed overview about the audience engaged with your content. It Provides information about users: Age, gender, demography, Interest and content that your engaged viewer likes. They show it as graphs in the Facebook creator studio.

Performance: This metrics provides information about performance of your video and shows you the top performing video for selected time range. In case you have different Facebook pages, you can select the pages and can get the information of Top Performing pages based on Videos.

Loyalty: This metrics basically help you provide how many users follow you on Facebook Pages, show how many viewers return to watch more content and give you a better understanding of how long people watch your videos before moving on.

Retention: This metrics helps you understand how much time viewers are spending watching your video. This also shows where your views are actually coming from. Views might come through Facebook Native video Recommendation, Followers or shares. This metrics is very helpful in understanding your content and makes improvements.

Facebook Retention

Earnings: This gives an insight on your Facebook paid ads performances (In case you don’t see this, you will need to set up monetisation on Facebook)

Instant Article Performance: This insights give you an overview of how your article on Facebook has performed.

Inbox in Facebook Creator Studio

Managing comments and DM’s for Facebook and Instagram, is made easy in Facebook creator studio. You can directly reply to users from this Inbox. This feature are also available on Business manager but Facebook added it here so that content creators or publishers do not have to switch the tool and stay away from other distraction coming via Facebook Notifications.

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The features are same as that in Business Manager. You can add labels, assign the conversation to the social media managers, and also add details of the customers in the inbox itself. Good part is that you can add tags according to your strategy.

Monetisation via Facebook Creator Studio

You can monetise your content and allow ads to appear before, after, or around your content.

For the content to be monetised on Facebook, Publishers and content creators must follow the Monetisation Eligibility Standards.Facebook also provides you with resources to help you monetise the content.

You can monetise your content with the following features

In Stream Ads on Demand: These are short ads that appear on the video content that you publish and earn money.


  • 60,000 total eligibility minutes viewed in last 60days
  • 5 active videos on your page

Brand Collab Manager: You can earn money from brands that want to collaborate for their products on creating and publishing content with your audience.


  • 15,000 post engagement or 18,000 minutes viewed or 30,000 1 minute views of 3minutes video past 60 days

Fan Subscription: You can create subscription for your page and earn an active monthly income.


  • 10,000 following or
  • 250 returning users and
  • 50,000 post engagements or
  • 180,000 minutes viewed

In Stream Ads Live: These are short ads that display on your live video or previously published live videos


  • 10,000 followers and
  • 600,000 total eligible minutes viewed in the last 60 days, including at least 60,000 eligible live minutes viewed and
  • 5 active videos on your page

In case your Page got demonetised you can head to Monetisation Eligibility Standards on Facebook.

What are stars in Facebook live?

Facebook stars are the feature for monetising live stream. Fan can buy the stars and send them to streamers. This star can be animated, Virtual gifts that viewer buys from a different star amount. For every stars that Viewers sends to Facebook streamers, Facebook pays $0.01 to the streamer.

Rights Manger on Facebook Creator Studio

Rights Manager is a powerful tool for content creators that help them protect their work on Facebook or Instagram. Even if your page is not public, you can still use the Rights Manger.

To apply for Rights Manager, Page admins can submit an application on behalf of a Page. You’ll need to provide a contact email and some additional information.

You will be notified once your application is accepted and will receive further information to help you get started.

Creative Tools

The creative tools in Facebook creator studio give access to Live dashboard and sound collection. If you are a game streamer than this is a perfect tool for you.

Facebook live stream

This Live Streaming dashboard in Facebook Creator Studio helps you in the following ways

  • Live Dashboard Features
    • Going live or test your broadcast
    • Update your streaming information
    • View and manage alerts
    • View streaming stats summary
    • View Your Achievements as per the Goal you set
    • Add polls to your stream and View results
    • See past stream data

Tip: Live Stream is proven matrics that has helped many creators to grow fans on Facebook. However, if you are looking for a strategy to grow your Facebook Page, you can head to 7 Secrets to Improve your Facebook Page Engagement in 2021.

Sound Collection

The Sound collection is an audio library of tracks & sound effects that are royalty free and you can download for your video.

Sound collection facebook creator studio

You can directly search for the tracks or sound effects in the sound collection by applying filters on Genre, moods, duration and vocals.

Facebook creator studio in sound collection also offers sound effect which you can search or apply filters based on categories and duration.

Settings in Facebook Creator Studio

This feature in Facebook creator studio helps you manage your page managers and also displays the overview of all pages following.


Once you tap on Page & Permission from Facebook creator studio, it will take you to a dashboard where you will see all your pages connected with the Facebook Creator Studio. The Dashboard will display top followed account at the first and also show how it assigned many users to the Page. You can also assign users with defined roles on the page.

Page Settings & Quality in Facebook Creator Studio

Page settings are a feature that is directly linked to a specific Facebook Page. Once you click on the page settings, you will be taken to general settings of the page that you Select.

The page quality in Facebook creator studio will directly take you to the quality check page of the Facebook Page which you select. This is to check Recent Community Standards violations. Content shared by your Page that’s been rated by third-party fact-checkers. Intellectual property rights violations. Content shared by your Page that’s been identified as clickbait. (Source:

Facebook Creator studio Instagram Feature

Instagram in the Facebook creator studio does not cover much of the feature as that in the Facebook. It mainly allows you to post content IGTV and Normal Posts. As I already covered in the beginning that Facebook Creator studio does not allow you to post or schedule reels from this tool. However, there are chances in future that you will be able to schedule and Post reels directly from Facebook creator studio.

The Instagram tab has the following on its tab

Content Library: This shows you the post and its matrics, which was published in a selected time range. This includes video post, photo, carousel, stories and IGTV. The content library might not show that stats of your reels that you published.

Calendar: This shows you the post and time that it published the post on Instagram in a calendar form for better understanding your posting frequency.

Insights: This insight is like the app insights and shows you activity of users from last 7 days. It mainly shows your followers age, genders, top locations and best time when most users are online.

Monetisation on Instagram

Monetisation feature is not yet enabled on Instagram. The Facebook creator studio shows you only the Brand collaboration list and its insights. For eg, if you did a paid collaboration with some brand, it will show you the posts which were available as paid partnership on your Instagram. Good thing is that you will see separate organic reach, Impression, engagements and audiences. It might also show you Paid Insights.

Please note: You will see paid Insights only if the brand promotes your content using Ads to their target audience.


Overall, Facebook creator studio is a powerful tool to help you grow as a publisher and content creator on both Facebook and Instagram. You should use this tool to keep your fans engaged with your content and also learn if your content is not doing well.

You need a full study about your content and your audience to come up with a quality content and grow your fan base on both Facebook and Instagram.

If you are Facing challenge in growing your Fan base on Facebook, you can also check out 7 Secrets to Improve your Facebook Page Engagement in 2021

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