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Reels sometimes does not show on app. I was also not happy when the reels feature did not show in my app. But I was able to fix it. Even if you update the app it won't show sometimes. People will say that the feature is not rolled out to you.I have seen others solution as well but they ask you to report the issue and it sometimes does not work.You can easily enable the reels feature by posting your first reel from the account where you are not able to see the reels.I will tell you how I did it.
  • You can install a chrome extension name “INSSIST” from your chrome browser on desktop.
  • Login to your Instagram account which does not show reels feature.
  • Once you login post the reel from INSSIST extension you will see the reels tab in the Instagram app.
  • This trick works 100% and without reporting the issue to Instagram.
If you recently started your channel then don't worry good things takes time. Before gaining subscriber's make sure you are fetching good organic views and CTR. Make sure you optimize your video and use right keywords that can fetch more views. Improve your video SEO and know how to do a keyword research. I have completed a Video SEO strategy that has worked in the past. Would you mind checking it out? May be it will help you. I have also shared a blog on how to get VidIQ free tool. You can use this tool also to optimize your video. 
YouTube doesn't pay at all for 100 subscribers. The minimum eligibility for your YouTube to get motization is 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hour's.However, if you video is getting good organic views you can make money using affiliate links. You can start with Amazon affiliate before moving to other affiliate program like clickbank or CJ.
Youtube shorts already displays subscribe button when seen in Shorts feature, not sure why you want to add another subscribe button.However, you can add subscribe button by following the below steps. It will be displayed on your videos.
  • Go to YouTube > Youtube Studio
  • Scroll, on the left side you will see customisation. Click on that
  • Then go to branding, You will find video watermark
  • Add your own Youtube Brand customised Subscribe logo {150x150}
  • Choose the display time .
  • Publish.
You will be able to see the subscribe button.
To start a youtube channel I would highly recommend to first plan what are you going to do to engage your audience.Its very easy to start youtube channel but difficult to keep posting.I am recommending the above point because I have seen people leaving their Goals and not continue to add videos on their youtube channel.If you are stubborn about creating channel follow the below mentioned strategy.
  • Before you create your first content. Plan your next two months. Don't post anything if you donot have first 10 videos ready with you.
  • Decide a channel name
  • Setup your YouTube channel.
  • Add all required information on the channel. Be it About page, description etc.
  • Put cover and logos to make it look professional.
  • Then start scheduling your content for a month and work on content simultaneously
Learn How to Set up a Professional YouTube Channel 
YouTube shorts Surely will help you gain subscribers and views on your channel if your short video is on point and makes sense to the users. YouTube is organically promoting YouTube shorts. The short videos are in demand on all social channels seeing the impact by tiktok on short video which has actually made many people a public figure.I would recommend to go for YouTube shorts in 2021. Don't be demotivated if few videos does not get much views. Upload videos consistently and you can surely see the results in your subscribers count.If your your youtube is not monetised and you are think of gaining watch hours with short video, let me tell you short video watch hours does not count in the 4000 watch hours. But it will surely help you gain subscribers over time.YouTube shorts Happy YouTubing!
If Your channel is New, you can go for 1 video per day. Plan your videos a month before in advance. Also, do give time to viral topics which is something should not be missed out. This will also help you gain more new subscribers and your subscribers won't get bored.
Yes, you do but it's not a physical play button. Instead you get benifits as below
  • Graphite: it is awarded to channels that reach 100 subscribers in youtube. With this they are able to create a customised url that directs to the channel instead of random letters. Eg. www.youtube.com/channel name
  • Opal: It is awarded to channels that crosses 1k subscribers. It is also one of the 3 eligibility criteria for applying YouTube partner program for monetisation. The other two is 4k public watch hours in last 365 days and a review of channels content to determine eligibility. Channels with monetisation can also enable superchat and membership.
  • Bronze: It is awarded when a channels crosses 10k subscribers. It enables the story option on the channel. If a channel is optimised, this bronze level adds a spreadshop or Teespring monetization options. Spreadshop , Teespring are social ecommerce.YouTube creator awards, commonly known as
YouTube play button is awarded to YouTube creators as a recognition of most popular channel and motivating them to create more engaging content. YouTube monitors the channels in order to confirm if the channel follows the youtube community guidelines. .Apart from the above list that are entry levels. When a channel reaches a specified milestones they are eligible for a YouTube creator award. These are actually the Metal casting that has a play button symbol. Below are the levels :
  • The silver creator award: this award is basically when channel crosses 100,000 subscribers milestone on YouTube. Channels at this level are also eligible to apply for verification badge.
  • The Gold creator award: This is awarded to channels that crosses 1M subscribers milestone on YouTube.
  • The Diamond creator award: This is awarded to channels that reaches 10M Subscriber's on Youtube. As of 6th Feb 2021, 797 channels have reached this level.
  • The custom creator award: This is awarded to channels that crosses 50M subscribers on Youtube. PewDiePie gave a nick name as Ruby Creator Award, as he received this award in the shape of his youtube channel logo. As of Feb 2021, 20 channels has reached this level.
  • The Red Diamond Creator Award: This award is presented to channels that crosses 100M subscribers on YouTube. There are currently 3 channels that reached the level. 1. PewDiePie 2. T-Series 3. Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes
You can see your realtime subscribers count on YouTube studio.Just head to Youtube studio>Analyticsmain qimg c190458ea66580c51eb3e156e0cd0df8Then on the right side click on SEE LIVE COUNT.main qimg 253502e19c5d612bf380bed7328d8a4b

Once you click on SEE LIVE COUNT you can see your real time subscribers count. You will also receive an email and congratulatory animation once you achieve the below milestones

  • 100 subscribers
  • 500 subscribers
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 10,000 subscribers
  • 100,000 subscribers
  • 1,000,000 subscribers
  • 10,000,000 subscribers
  • 100,000,000 subscribers
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This is probably a good question I would like to give advice on.I will just come to the question without wasting any time.Firstly, watch time does not count on youtube when you run ads via Google ads. Watch hour is only counted when users view is organically be it via sharing your content or youtube suggesting your content. However you can gain subscribers from your campaign which will eventually help you grow your public watch hours.Secondly, for targeting the viewers you will need to do a keyword research and see keyword ideas through keyword planner. Remember to keep the keywords specific to your video. People will only watch your video when they get what they are searching for.Targeting the viewers through interest is also a good way to drive viewers to your channel and allow them to subscribe to your channel. They may also watch other video of your which can be counted in public watch hours and it will be reflected as earned views in your ads dashboard.Targeting viewer from the YouTube channel they watch. It is also a great way of engaging viewers to your video. Place your video on channel which are your competitors.You can also use discovery ads which only few competitors are using. These ads help you place your video below the video which your viewers are using. In this discovery ads your thumbnail plays an important role for users to click and view your video.If you have a good budget to spend you can go with placement and interest and see what impact it is able to provide. Also keep VTR as your KPI when evaluating the ads.In case you need more help, please email me on techsurch@gmail.com