You are currently viewing IGTV Ads-Everything you need to know about IGTV Ads (2021)

IGTV Ads-Everything you need to know about IGTV Ads (2021)

Instagram TV, also known as IGTV, was launched in June 2018 and had no monetisation option for creators (apart from shops, brand collab) or IGTV ads option for brands on Instagram.

Instagram appreciates its creators and with an increase in the number of monthly active users, Instagram plans to roll out IGTV Ads to its creators and Brands to cater its TG on Instagram. Instagram was testing IGTV Ads in 2020 and rolled out for few creators in the US. Recently it announces to roll out to selected creators in UK and Australia.

This is in fact brilliant news for Instagram creators who will now be able to monetise their IGTV channel. Instagram creators could also earn from shops, Live badges, and Brand collaboration earlier.

Instagram recently announced Live Shopping, which will let creators and brands tag products during their live videos. And over the coming months Instagram will expand shopping access to more creators who want to sell their own merchandise. Instagram is also expanding access to Brand Collabs Manager, which helps creators find potential brand partners.

However, the video monetisation option was only available to creators on Facebook, who could opt to monetise their video content and articles on Facebook if they meet the Facebook monetisation requirement.

If you are working for a brand or are a brand, it will help you positively. It’s a great opportunity for brands to cater ads on IGTV.

In this blog, I am going to tell you everything you should know about IGTV ads that will help creators and brands to target their audience on Instagram.

What is IGTV Ads?

IGTV Ads is a way to help businesses to bring their product or services in front of their audiences and help creators earn on Instagram when an ad is displayed on their IGTV video.

As per Instagram, IGTV ads will initially appear when people click to watch IGTV videos from previews in their feed. The video ads will be built for mobile and up to 15 seconds long.

It can display the IGTV Ads as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll as specified by Instagram.


What are the eligibility criteria for IGTV monetization?

IGTV Ads monetization will be available to creators soon in all countries. However, if the creator has access to IGTV Ads, the monetization of the video will be available to them as soon as they upload the video. They will be able to set up monetization tools and also can provide information on payment.

To enable IGTV monetisation, the creators should fulfill the below requirements

IGTV monetization Insights for creators

Besides the organic Insights, you will have access to the monetisation insights which you will access from creator studio or on Instagram app.

The monetisation insight dashboard will help the creators to know if their video is eligible to be monetised. The monetisation insights will also show you the numbers of *monetizable plays and your estimated earnings.

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What is Monetizable plays?

Monetizable plays are the number of times your video was played when an IGTV ads could have been inserted.

How to get Access to IGTV monetisation?

If you are a creator and are eligible for IGTV monetisation, you will receive a notification to onboard. You can also set up by going to the setting.

Once you are done with the onboarding, you will need to accept the terms.

Select your country and business type (Whether an individual or business owner). If you are a business owner, you will be asked to confirm your identity as legal owner by adding your legal and tax information.

In the next step, you will need to add the payout account.

To allow IGTV video to be monetizable, toggle Allow Ads.

Once you toggle on this feature, you will by default set every IGTV video to display Ads. Good thing is you can edit individual setting for each IGTV video to show ads during upload or when editing the post.

Tap on Done. After you are done doing the set up, the videos will be under review and you can check the status at any point in time.

What is the reason behind introducing IGTV Ads?

Instagram has an option to monetise Facebook page and seeing the popularity of Instagram creators, and may be the reason they launched IGTV Ads. Also, it is believed that Instagram wants its creators to use the IGTV series in order to earn real time money with on Instagram.

It can also be clearly seen that Instagram introduced IGTV ads to attract more creators to their platform. In the year 2020, Instagram struggled to attract creators to create IGTV videos and users to watch the Videos.

As per trustinsights, IGTV for influencers began 2020 at 0.93% engagement, and by the end of October 2020 had fallen to 0.49%, a decline of 47.6%–sharp, but not nearly as bad as for brands.

Source: trustInsights

Instagram said “Creators are the heart of culture on Instagram. Since the earliest days, they’ve inspired people around the world with their talents and shared their lives with their fans. Now more than ever, it’s vital that creators can use Instagram to grow their personal brand and be able to make a living

How much will a creator earn through IGTV Ads?

Instagram has mentioned in its terms that they will pay creators at least 55% of the net revenue paid by Advertisers to Instagram for Ads which was displayed on creators IGTV videos. All as solely determined from Instagram records and figures and regardless of whether incurred in connection with the specific Content or Creators other Content in which IGTV Ads Feature Ads are displayed.

Net revenue here means the amount paid to Instagram minus the deduction of fraud or any legal violations.

IGTV Ads for Brands and Marketers

Well, IGTV has not been an enormous success for Instagram in the past. But as they have introduced Ads in IGTV, you may see more of IGTV videos of the creators in the explore page soon. As you know if creators make money, they will create more videos and come up with more series on IGTV.

However, Brands and Marketers should make full of IGTV Ads whenever it is available in their region as it will be a new platform to cater ads to your TG and sell service or products in a better way on Instagram.

As per Statista, the no. of Instagram active users is expected to cross over 1B by 2023.

With 75% of all overall video consumption on mobile, it’s no big surprise that Instagram is following mobile formats for IGTV with vertical video. While advertisers have been delayed to receive vertical video as a standard format for their content, there are more regular signs that brands are accepting the change as clients find and burn-through video content on mobile.

Advertisers can now create ads from region where IGTV ads are available. Advertisers will be able to add call-to-action button that will direct people to Brand’s IGTV channel, IGTV video, reel or audio page within the Instagram app.

With IGTV ads advertisers can do the following:

Create ads with objective as:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Video Views

Advertisers can choose automatic or manual placement. However, Instagram suggests using automatic placement for better results.

The ads campaign campaign setup is the same as for other ads format.


It can be concluded that IGTV ads are a great way to add value to creators content. Creators whose sole income is internet it will inspire them with IGTV ads release in their region and should be ready with the content for IGTV to make income. Creators showed be focused on making series on IGTV to engage more audience and keep them on their IGTV channel.

For Brands and advertisers, they should use IGTV ads to test the performance of their ads. As of now there is no data that could prove that IGTV Ads has worked well. Testing with some amount will always help in understanding its capability in delivering the aimed goal.

Brands may not get the video placement feature as that on YouTube in the campaign but may expect in future from Facebook.

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