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How to use Youtube tags

YouTube Tags: Best strategy to use tags in 2021

Before we start with the strategy, let us clear the doubts about YouTube tags and why is it important. You must have watched videos about using YouTube tags on videos.

What are YouTube Tags?

These are the single keywords or long tail phrase keywords that are added in the Youtube video details. It helps Youtube Algorithm to categories your videos and accordingly ranks the video on its platform. Hence, it’s important to use the right Youtube tags if you want to rank for a keyword.

Why are YouTube tags so important?

YouTube tags when added to your YouTube Videos help YouTube Algorithm to understand the video context. It accordingly suggests videos to viewers if your videos are publicly being viewed on YouTube. Let me give you an example, You search for content related to gaming say Battleground mobile India,

If you watch a few videos in Gaming category and also search for Battleground mobile India keywords then YouTube knows you are interested in Gaming and Battleground mobile India is your favourite. If say my friend is a Battle Ground Mobile India video creator and he uses Battleground mobile India keyword in Title, description, YouTube Tags and the video is getting good engagements then there is a good percentage of chance that the video will be showed to you as well in either suggested views or in your feed even if you did not subscribe to their channel.

Below are best strategies on YouTube tags which you can use in Your YouTube videos in 2021. This will help you rank your video on YouTube. You may rank on google too as I will cover some parts of Title and Description which nobody tells you.

1. Prioritise your Youtube Tags

You need to prioritise your tags on YouTube video tags if you want to rank or get organic views. For video SEO, YouTube pays a close eye on first few tags. If you did a good keyword research at backend and added your title, then congratulations you have made your work easy. The title you made for your video using keyword research will help you rank on YouTube. But did you only put your keyword research in your title? If yes, then please follow this.

You will also need to add the focus keyword on YouTube description and in Tags. Here our First priority of tags will be the focus keyword which you want to rank. Please keep this in mind that YouTube algorithm will screen the first few tags on your YouTube video, so make sure you are not missing out any of those. Though you can add 500 tags, but we recommend not to stuff it all. Use tags only to get YouTube an understanding on what your video is all about.

Prioritize your youtube tags

2. Use Mixture of Broad & Focused Youtube Tags

For E.g. in the above screenshot, “Gaming Laptop 2021” is the focused tag. It helps YouTube figure out your video topic and accordingly suggests the viewers.

Also, it is important to use broad tags too but do not go beyond that. Let me give you an example. Let’s say your focused tag in the video is gaming laptop 2021, then you would also add a few broad tags that categories your video topic and focuses on audiences that will see your video. Here, broad YouTube tags would be “call of duty”, “Pubg PC” etc. But add your title in the tags no matter what.

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Youtube tags example

3. Don’t stuff unnecessary YouTube tags

Stuffing Unnecessary tags actually not rank your video nor it will suggest to other users who love to see videos from content creators like you. By Stuffing unnecessary keywords I mean the one’s shown below.

Dont stuff tags

The tags do not tell what the video is all about but will confuse YouTube Algorithm. So use a targeted and broad tag related to your video. Many blogs which I have read ways to use 8-10 tags but it’s ok to utilise all 500 character tags. It will not hurt your ranking. Just keep in mind to use only video and channel specific tags.

4. Use tags which is at least 2-3 words longer

The more data you give YouTube, the more it performs better.

Use Youtube tags with atleast 2- 3 Words
Source: briggsby

From the above data using of distinct 2-3 words tags fetch you good no. of views.

For eg, putting tags like “gaming laptop, gaming laptop review, gaming laptop graphic card“ will perform way better rather than using gaming, laptop, review, etc.

You can better use tools to get the tags rather than consuming your time thinking of tags. There are many tools available that can help you find or suggest tags based on your inputs.

One of them is VidIQ. You can get its free chrome extension from google chrome store.

VidIQ youtube tags

In case you would like to test it for free for a month, know how to get free VidIQ Subscription


Congratulations, you have now learned how to use tags on YouTube videos.

Tags is very useful in boosting your video as a suggestion. Give some time to your video and use the strategy of tags. If you are satisfied with the blog, do read YouTube.

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